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I talk about the practises, disciplines and mindset you can take to take control of your physical & mental health.

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I’ve practised yoga for 10 years now, been a teacher for 5 years and have used the practice for improved physical and mental health. Helping others do the same.

Physical Practices

On top of Yoga, I regularly run, practise kickboxing, callisthenics and more. My insight into movement and physical practises allows me to have freedom in my body. I want to share this with you.


Your mind is your most powerful asset. You learn to control it, nothing will stop you from doing what you want. Don’t let it be the one to control you. I can teach you how to reclaim control.


We are social beings, and knowing how to navigate the relationships in our lives is a skill that can be developed. How we show up for ourselves, our partners and our families will dictate how much joy and love you can experience.


We’ve learned so many patterns over our lives. Some serve us less than others. Gaining awareness of these and getting a better understanding of ourselves will lead to a much more fulfilled life.


Get your food right and you’re 80% of the way to optimal health. It’s not as hard as you might think to eat right so you can feel full of energy all day long.

The food you eat can even heal you.

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