About Me

Hey, I’m Pierre! Digital nomad, certified yoga instructor and health & wellness enthusiast focusing on helping people create freedom in their mind and body.

Who I Am

French-born, British raised and now living freely as a digital nomad. I’m an accredited Yoga instructor, health & fitness enthusiast with a penchant for psychology and self-development.

I write about all things yoga, fitness, mindset and much more sharing all that I have learned over the years of building myself up to be the healthiest, fittest and most resilient I’ve ever been in my entire life.

I believe everyone should feel free within their body and at ease within their mind. It’s a freedom that all deserve yet so many lack in today’s society. So keep an eye out as I share some of the best information, practices and discipline so you, too can become the fittest, healthiest and overall best self you can be.

The origin story

How I Stepped Into The Wellness Space

I’ve always been active! As kids, my brother and I were always outdoors. We were fortunate to spend the first few years in the south of France. Our parents would take us to the beach regularly. We were surrounded by nature, the air was fresh, and the food was local. We had everything we needed to cultivate good overall health. We’d spend our days out in the garden, climbing trees, playing sports, going out for bike rides, swimming. We were always active.

I took up indoor rock climbing at the age of 11 and became very proficient in climbing until the age of 17 when other things took over. Nevertheless, being active remained a big part of life, always experimenting with new practices.

Fast forward a few years, I was living in Spain for a year abroad where I started to lift weights and eat more. Given my activity, I’d always been quite skinny and I had enough of it. I ended up putting on 6kg of muscle mass, going from 62kg to 68kg within a few months. I was so happy with the results, I felt more confident, I felt even better than before in my body, and I had more energy and more strength. Not to mention I looked a whole lot better!

Having started to train more though, and already being as stiff as a board, I became even stiffer having gained 6kg in muscle mass and not having really integrated any proper stretching into my routines. So, to tackle that, I thought I’d give yoga a try. I soon realised I was quite strong in my upper body, being able to do all the fun stuff like arm balances and inversions, but anything related to flexibility was almost a hard no. I couldn’t even touch my toes…

Fast forward a few years of regular practice, and I’m now more like a pretzel than a wooden board. I’ve still got some limitations but I’m pretty pleased with where I am now. Oh, and did I mention: I qualified as a yoga instructor back in 2018. Starting yoga in 2015, I didn’t know how it would influence my life. Not only did it really help with my stiffness, I became even fitter, stronger, had more fine control over my body. I suddenly became good at every sport I tried. My breathing got better, my mind got clearer. The beauty of yoga is that it works on the body, the mind and the spirit! I learned so many teachings that helped me to live a more peaceful life, calming my anxiety, and letting go of stresses and other unnecessary things I’d been carrying.

Since then, I’ve expanded my practice and kept trying new sports and activities. I now do kickboxing and snowboarding, I practise callisthenics regularly and have all of these to thank for my slim yet muscular physique.

I have the utmost confidence in my body to carry me through any physical trial that I take on. I trust that I will recover fast from injury and be as good as new fast. Because on top of all the physical practises, I make sure what I eat is clean, avoid processed crap, and I make sure I keep my mental health clean. I’ve done a lot of personal work, shadow work and reflection. With my yoga teacher and therapist, I’ve been able to let go of a lot of the patterns that once burdened me.

Anyway, that’s probably enough about me for now…

I want to share with you all the different elements that I’ve been able to benefit from over the years and how I’m now in my peak physical and mental condition and still improving.

I’ll be sharing the practices, the information and my reflections on what I’m doing, how I’m handling the challenges in my life and hopefully you get to benefit too and grow closer to the person you want to be.

You deserve to be free within your body and at ease in your mind.

I know it’s possible…

Question is: Are you coming along for the ride?

Let’s Do It Together

Ready To Embrace Your Well-Being?